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Choose a provider for your travel tests

List of providers

You can filter the list by test type, testing method, location and delivery method. To order your test, you’ll need to contact providers directly.

If you are fully vaccinated you can take a day 2 rapid lateral flow test or a day 2 PCR test. If you are not fully vaccinated you must take day 2 and day 8 PCR tests. You can choose to take a Test to Release (England only). Check the guidance to see if you qualify as fully vaccinated.


Test types
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Testing Method
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Test Location

Information on prices

The prices shown on this page are:

  • a guide - the final price you pay could be different to the displayed price
  • prices for the test provider's standard service

Prices are updated periodically so there may be differences between the price listed on this page and the price on the provider's website.

Prices may differ from provider to provider for a number of reasons, for example to reflect different levels of customer support. Contact providers for detailed product and pricing information. Some providers may offer a range of packages at different prices with further add-ons, such as premium delivery.

Some airlines and travel agents offer discounts on tests. Check with them as you cannot access their discounts from this service.

What the price includes
  • COVID-19 test kit
  • delivery, and test swabbing where relevant
  • evaluation of the test sample
  • genome sequencing
  • reporting the result to the patient
  • reporting the data to relevant public health agency

Guidance for travelling to the UK

The rules are different depending on which nation you are travelling to.

Testing methods

Tests are carried out in different ways depending on where they take place, and if they're supervised.

'Supervised' means staff will take the sample for you. If you take the test at home, you may be able to have a video call with staff who will explain what you need to do.

'Self-test' means you’ll take the sample yourself without supervision.

About providers and minimum standards

The providers listed on this page have declared they meet the following minimum standards:

Some providers may choose not to appear in this list. You can choose a different provider but you must check they meet minimum standards.

The government does not recommend any particular test provider. Do your own research (for example, read reviews) about available providers, the tests they supply and their terms and conditions.

Questions and feedback

If you have questions about a test you've booked or taken, contact your provider.

You can use the link below to make a complaint or provide feedback about a test provider. This will help us to improve the service. We will not be able to contact a provider on your behalf.